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Reviews : British Last Updated: Aug 21st, 2020 - 13:06:35

Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9 - 1/72nd scale (CMR Models)
By Mark J. Davies - IPMS New Zealand
Feb 17, 2009, 23:55

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This latest addition to CMR's range of Hi-Tech Spitfires is the twin-seat trainer version, the Spitfire Tr.9. CMR have captured many of the important subtleties of the Tr.9 - The separate canopies, front cockpit moved forward towards the firewall (13.5" on the real aircraft), plus the new rear cockpit. They have correctly duplicated the distinctly different front cockpit layout and construction, with its horizontal reinforcement just below the level of the access door, different throttle and prop controls and so on.

A well researched kit that includes: Pre-painted photo-etch details, pre-cut paper canopy masks, plus two sets of canopies. Full instructions and very comprehensive decal sheets - choice of markings options covering the Irish Air Corps, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Indian Air Force and an attractive orange civilian machine, plus airframe stencils.

I enjoyed this straightforward build and the model provides an excellent example of this rarely covered Spitfire. Recommended!

Click here for full model review: Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9 'Twin-Seat' Trainer

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