Royal Navy
Corsair aircraft colour photos
By Malcolm Laird
Jul 9, 2008, 08:35

John Morton Collection
Three colour photos from the John Morton Collection of an "unrestored" Royal Navy Corsair.

Ron comments... "The Corsair in question was at one time "restored". What has been done is that she has been effectively retro restored i.e. put back to how she was when in service with all the scuffs chips and signs of service life. And a splendid job they have done on her as well."

Graham Boak comments... had not been restored previously. It had (thankfully) merely been painted.

John Morton Collection

John Morton Collection

A. M. (Tony) McDonald, adds; The story of the 'restoration' is told in the book,

Corsair KD431. The Time Capsule Fighter
by David Morris
ISBN, 0-7509-4305-X

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