Aviation art
Aviation art prints
By Neil Schrader
Jan 23, 2015, 09:37

These never to be repeated limited edition art prints pay tribute to two distinguished New Zealand fighter units, 485 & 486 (NZ) Squadrons RAF. Their operational records are testament to the determination and bravery of these then young men, in particular those who did not return.
Produced in the mid to late 1990’s each print is limited to 250 copies and is individually signed by six ex-squadron pilots. Sadly many of the signatories have now passed on.

Each print is priced at $NZ175.00 plus GST. Postage within NZ is included. Overseas shipping will incur extra costs.

For further information contact Neil Schrader
email: or phone (Within NZ)(04)384 8326
Alternatively click the "Neil Schrader - Art" link to the left and download one of the PDFs named ‘Tribute to 485’ and ‘Beware the Wild Winds’.

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